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For Information MFMM Members,starting 4PM 21/6/2013 , All new registration will be temporarily suspended until further noticed. This is to allowed System upgrading process to be taken into action. Hope your patient will be with us within this 24 hours. For any enquiries kindly contact us at : 017 7109657

Warmest Welcome To MFMM,

MFMM System Is Currently In Progess of development. Certain functionality has been activated while the others is still in progress. Please be patient and move on with us.

You as our loyal users will enjoy all our benefits and grow with us.We will update day to day to improve what we have now.

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For All MFMM members we are fixing and troubleshooting few system error, Therefore till this weekend we will find some discrepency in Figure, balance and etc. For those error please call us at this number : 0177109657 for futrher action.This is due to some unavoidable errors caused from system and We are fixing them and Sorry for Inconvenience caused.Thank you for your support and continue grow with us.

Please ensure you are not using mobile phone to register / transfer as it lead to lots of calculation, sponsor issue. It works good on Laptop , notebook , netbook on Windows or Linux.

Regards, MFMM Administrator.